Chevrolet Volt – Energy Efficient Electric Car

2011 chevrolet volt 28 Chevrolet Volt – Energy Efficient Electric Car

2011 chevrolet volt 20 Chevrolet Volt – Energy Efficient Electric Car

The concept of building Chevy Volt was in the infantile state, long way back in 2007, when researchers and engineers applied their innovative ideas to make a fantastic car which would be an electric vehicle that could run just like a sprinter. After much probing and research, Chevy Volt was launched in the market with high expectation to win the favor of the people. General Motors, the manufacturing company of the Chevrolet Volt; has earned international accolades and world wide recognition due to the introduction of highly sophisticated, flexible, resilient and energy efficient battery powered four-wheeler which can move smoothly without creating any noise. Nor does it disturb nature by spewing black fume or smoke and offers a vibration free ride to its passengers..

According to the experts, Volt has been made to provide passengers who like to travel by cars, an alternative to the diminishing fossil fuel. It looks excellent with sleek light chassis. GM car manufacturing company has upgraded this sophisticated sedan car with a 12 volt capacitive battery which can assist the car to run for 50 miles after one shot of battery recharge. This is the car which is designed with a durable hatchback door. It can provide sufficient space to four passengers.

This electric battery rush release whispering sound which is very mild and innocuous. It also provides gentle throttling response which indicates better performance of the car. The car can be easily recharged via a powerful energy efficient long lasting battery recharging unit. This car is also upgraded with a pedestrian alerting sensor which gives signal to the pedestrians when it moves through the busy streets. Volt weighs – 3,781-pound and the average length of this sedan type vehicle is approximately 177.1 inches. This Volt electric vehicle has aerodynamic structure with excellent lighting accessories. It ensures trouble free car trip to passengers.

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