Chicago Preshow: Lexus CT 200h Concept Tune Car Will Draw Public Attention

FiveAxis Project CT 200h 01 Chicago Preshow: Lexus CT 200h Concept Tune Car Will Draw Public Attention

2011 Chicago Preshow car fare will begin from 11th February and it will continue till the end of 20th February this year. At this car exhibition, Lexus CT 200h Concept Tune will be exhibited to the general public and the auto enthusiasts. This sophisticated car is a marvel of modern designing. The majestic jet black colour of this vehicle is impressive and attractive.

At this coming Chicago Preshow auto fare, this car is supposed to attract the visitors in drove as it has been built utilizing sophisticated tools. CT 200h car is a type of hybrid, eco-friendly car which is made more elegant with the fixation of hatchback door. Five Axis Lexus CT 200h project is meant for the decoration of the car in innovative style. Team of technical specialists has tried their level best to bring accuracy in up gradation of cars. Five Axis car designing company has had a long tie up with Toyota and Lexus. Axis has helped Toyota to manufacture and design numerous fashionable cars which look more attractive and gorgeous in great colour combination. F-sport car designing has brought a revolution in the automobile sectors and Lexus has performed well by manufacturing different marvellous vehicle models for the last few years.

This CT 200h car is designed with flexible wheels which are less weighty and functional. 2011 Lexus CT 200 h car is for luxurious people who like to travel with comfort. This sophisticated hybrid car of Lexus line up will be the fifth edition and it will be able to run fast and it will have a 42 mpg in its segment. The size of this new car is 170.1 inches in length. It is well equipped with high quality F-sport suspension tools. This car will never produce harsh vibration. This excellently designed car model will be upgraded by installing 1.8 liter engine with four cylinder option. This engine is quite competent in producing 98 hp plus 105 Ib ft torque. It is also built with a surplus 80 horsepower capacitated electric powered motor.

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