Citroen E- 3 POD Antistatic Concept Car for the Future

E 3POD Antistatic 3 1024x682 Citroen E  3 POD Antistatic Concept Car for the Future

The Citroen E- 3 POD is one of the unique concept cars which is being jointly produced by Citroen along with PSA Design Centre in Paris. This was a unique kind of program which was initiated by Citroen, in order to allow the young and deserving students a chance to get an opportunity of six month employment. This program was known as the “EV Design Challenge” which was held in the Royal College of Art in London along with Citroen.

This concept was designed in order to manufacture a concept vehicle which can be used as an e-vehicle in the future. There were various designs of cars, which was manufactured by the students of Art College, of which the Citroen E- 3 POD electric vehicle was selected as the best car. In fact this car was the best of all the entries in the event.

The Citroen E- 3 POD is one of the most advanced as well as technically advanced cars, which can be used in future in order to get rid of the congestions on the road. In fact it is the most advanced looking tripod, which is uniquely designed. There are two front wheels, along with a third wheel which is larger than the two wheels and is in the rear of the vehicle.

The third wheel works as support structure for the entire vehicle. It is designed in this manner, so that it is unique and can be distinguished from other vehicles which are available in the market. A social emphasis has also been given on the aerodynamics of the car which will help to reduce the battery size of the vehicle, making it more users friendly. The cabin is dome shaped, which gives you a “personal space”, along with a cozy feeling and acts as a protective shield. This single seater three wheeled concept car was designed by Heikki Juvonen and it can be used along with cars and not as a substitute of cars.

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