CNG Powered Mercedes Benz SL 600 Edition

CNG Mercedes Benz SL 600 Edition 5 CNG Powered Mercedes Benz SL 600 Edition

CNG Mercedes Benz SL 600 Edition 2 CNG Powered Mercedes Benz SL 600 Edition

Bernie Towns, an eminent engineer in Texas has tried his level best to modify the conventional model of Mercedes Benz SL 600 car model which should be made more unique in design. This engineer has dream of upgrading the condition of Mercedes Benz 600 model by utilizing the latest technology. The car will be more environment-friendly, spacious and equipped with excellent car accessories. The car will protect people from the devastating negative impact of air pollution.

Mercedes Benz SL 600 car model is naturally efficient and more competent as it will not produce harmful gas and smoke in air. Nor does it disturb frequenters by releasing harsh vibration. This newly built car will have unique zero carbon emission systems to prevent the random backfire of black smoke from car. The exhaust pipe, automatic transmission tool, suspension accessory and odometer will be available in the car. This futuristic car will make the world green as it will be built to save human life from devastating pollution.

According to Bernie, he will have a tie-up with Speedriven car tuner which has already developed and tuned a number of old and new car models for better performance. This eminent engineer wants to make his concept car more efficient and faster than Hohenester Audi A4 in terms of speed and dimension. Right now, various survey reports have claimed that Audi A4 car is the fastest CNG powered vehicle in the world. Audi A4 has been upgraded to 700 bhp or more whereas other cars are not capable of producing 700 hp at one shot.

Comparing to Audi A4 which covers 364.6km/h, Mercedes Benz SL 600 edition will be tuned to over 800 bhp and it will generate over 1000 pound feet torque. This futuristic car model will have ten seconds sprinting time for covering 402 meters. Towns is anticipating that their new futuristic car will be able to run at 386 km per hour reaching the topmost speed. This concept car will be equipped with gas conversion mode. The sophisticated automatic transmission device will supply power from power train to front and rear wheelbases of the car. This car will not spew carbon and other deadly chemical elements in the form of gasoline product.

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