De Tomaso Will Re-launch a Premium Crossover Concept

De Tomaso SLC teaser 11 De Tomaso Will Re launch a Premium Crossover Concept

History repeats itself. The proverb is applicable to the introduction of Premium Crossover concept car. Following the design of Pagani, De Tomaso planned to gift back few excellently decorated crossover cars to Italians. De Tomaso, the well known Italian auto maker was established long way back during 1960. An Argentine sportsman who participated into a number of car races set up this world famous car manufacturing unit.

He was courageous and he took the challenge to outperform other car manufacturers by releasing workable and energy-efficient vehicles which could run at high speed. However, this company had to be closed due to financial stringency in the year of 2004. Couple of years later, another CEO named Gian Rossingnolo brought back this crossover car making unit. At the Geneva Car show, the latest premium crossover car on offer from the company, will be shown.

According to experts, this newly designed SLC model can compete with globally recognized cars like BMW 5 GT and Lexus editions. The new car model will last for several years as the chassis of the vehicle will be made of high quality aluminium which is scratch resistant as well. This aluminium sheet is also insulated with double coats of car paint to increase the durability and lifespan of these sports cars.

De Tomaso cars are remodelled by installing powerful V8, 6 and diesel powered engine. V8 engine pumps out 550 horsepower and V6 gasoline fuelled engine has the capacity to generate 300 horsepower. Power trains of these premium crossover vehicles are energy-efficient and competent to bring speed to these four wheelers. At a general public conference, the company’s CEO has claimed that the company will sanction US $172 million for manufacturing these new car models. He has further said that these new cars must be efficient and durable. People will be extensively benefited by using these premium crossover cars.

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