Dodge, Grand Caravan R/T Cars Will Be Launched for Chicago Car Show 2011

2011 dodge grand caravan rt 1024x680 Dodge, Grand Caravan R/T Cars Will Be Launched for Chicago Car Show 2011

Chicago 2011 auto show will be more glamorous and dynamic as Pentastar has schemed to launch two extraordinary car models like Dodge and Grand Caravan R/T. At the car show which is supposed to be held in the American city, Chicago this year. Cars have been fully upgraded by utilizing sophisticated automobile engines and other internal components which are not heavy in weight but offer greater functions.

Both car models are made energy efficient by inserting 3.6 litre V6 engine which has the capacity to generate 283 hp plus 260 Ibs ft torque. The car can rush like a blow of wind. It doesn’t produce any ear pinching sound. This is the car which always performs excellently by covering distance speedily. The window screens, sun visors, glass reflectors, steering wheels and side bars are well adjusted. The roof of the car is durable and special protection is given to the hardware of the car. Wheelbases are fixed to smooth and scratch resistant axle bars. The band of high quality rubber has been used to accelerate traction and gripping power of the vehicle. Grip safe door handles and functional escutcheon are also indispensable parts of these marvellous cars. The colourful grills and rims have enhanced the aesthetic quality of these two new editions. Six speed automatic transmission tools are installed into gear box of Dodge and Caravan minivans.

The minivans released by Pentastar will win hearts of car lovers. In a press note, an official spokesperson of the company has stated frankly that Dodge and Caravan minivans provide huge space for safekeeping of different sorts of luggage and packages at the rear side. The headlamps and fog lamps are also helpful to car drivers to monitor the track during night. These two car models are also made stronger and more durable by using strong chassis and other car accessories. 17 inch wheelbases are adjustable and long lasting. It emits least amount of carbon. Weather monitoring tools and odometer for measuring the distance are also available in these two sophisticated car models. At the initial stage, these newly designed cars will be available for $ 30,595 and $ 28,995 respectively.

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