Edo Competition Launched LP750 HP Variant

Edo Competition LP750 7 Edo Competition Launched LP750 HP Variant

Edo Competition LP750 11 Edo Competition Launched LP750 HP Variant

Edo Competition has already gathered international accolades by launching Lamborghini LP 640 edition into the market which can run reaching the top most speed of 352 km/h. However, this time, Edo has gone one step ahead by launching more powerful and resilient 750 HP version which can cover 365 km/h or 227 mph. LP 750 edition has been built utilizing the ultra-modern technology.

LP 750 edition has the capability to cover 100 km/h within 3.1 seconds. It has excellent sprinting power. In addition this car can run covering 200km/h within the timeframe of 0.7 seconds. The car is equipped with upgraded cylinders, exhaust system, automatic transmission accessory, air outlets and spoilers at the rooftop. Inside the compartment of the car there is the availability of air filtering system for the air purification. The car is also designed with 6.5 litre capacitated V12 engine which can generate 740 Newton Meter torque for supplying power to four wheels of the car. The wheelbases of the car are light in weight and well built. The axle bars give full support to ensure smooth rotation of the wheelbase. This super car model produces the least volume of black smoke and it doesn’t release harsh vibration at the time of rushing through the streets. The overall beauty of the car is excellent. This sophisticated car is available in several colour shades.

The gripping power of tire bands is superb and the car is further redesigned with properly fitted odometer, tire pressure gauging tool, leather covered steering wheel which is grip safe and flexible. The car seats are attractive and durable. At the time of driving the car at highest speed, the driver will not experience any technical disorder. The lip spoiler has been adjusted properly to the car. The fantastic aerodynamic structure of the car has increased the beauty and elegance of the car to a great extent. 18 inch alloy front and rear wheels are wrapped with tire bands measuring 265/35 and 345/30.

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