Ford 2012 Super Chief will use Hydrogen as fuel

2012 Ford Super Chief 1 Ford 2012 Super Chief will use Hydrogen as fuel

2012 Ford Super Chief 6 Ford 2012 Super Chief will use Hydrogen as fuel

Since the 19th century when Ford came out with its Model T Ford, Ford as a Company has never looked back. They have evolved, continuously innovated their technology, their features, and models. They have always been consumer focused and has delivered performance oriented cars. Ford’s “Super Chief” is an innovated version of a stylish truck that gives its consumers the option of choosing from 3 different fuels like E85 Ethanol, Hydrogen and Gasoline.

Just by flipping a switch you could use any of these fuels or a mixture of all of them, this system is called the Tri flex fuelling system. The torque goes up to 400 Lb feet when switched on to the Hydrogen system. This system has other benefits like giving 12% fuel efficiency and it also curbs the emission of harmful CO2 by 99 %.

Ford, apart from paying attention to the environment also pays attention to the passenger safety with its Belt Reminder System which reminds or indicates the driver if any of the safety belts is not buckled up. The leather seats are in a magnificent colour of brown and black. The car boasts of a glass roof, the doors too have been modified. The head lamps are made of LED.

Super Chief has introduced its Blocker beam technology protecting its passengers from crashing from the front while driving. The car is also protected when crashed from the front and the new technology protects the car from sliding. During a crash it disperses its energy so that the car does not explode due to leakage. This car is all set to capture the markets not compromising on the interiors and the amenities. Ford, since the time of its inception has proved time and again that it will not stop leading when it comes to the automobile market.

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