FORD EcoSport Mini SUV coming soon to India

Ford EcoSport India FORD EcoSport Mini SUV coming soon to India

Ford EcoSport India 2 FORD EcoSport Mini SUV coming soon to India

Ford has as always decided to come up with a new compact SUV. The car is manufactured in Brazil. The credit for the design goes to Ford-US Truck Vehicle Center. The front wheel drive with a front engine, this vehicle has four doors. The Ecosport has 4 variants and has five straight 4engines. Zetec-Rocam is the engine manufacturer. All models have manual transmission.

It has undergone some up-gradation and renewed the rear lights the front portion and the materials of the interior. The gear box is both automatic and manual. The engine with a spark-ignition 4-stroke and a capacity of 2.0Litres has had a good sale. It has four valves per cylinder. The front passenger seats and the driver seats have airbags. With a price tag of 7lakhs-10lakhs in India the Ford Ecosport is worth the price.

Fords best seller models in Brazil and Argentina has been Ecosport. The Chevrolet Tracker, Cross Fox, Fiat Idea Adventure and Volkswagen are its competitors. This vehicle is a mini SUV and at the same time it has the reputation of being one of Fords best creation. The model is one of Fords best sellers. Although built in Brazil it has been produced by Ford South America. The model is based on the European Fusion built by Cologne.

However it has been the sport features that have given it a make over. The SUV has a 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic transmission. The width and length are 78inches and 166.5inches with a height of 66.1inch. ABS brakes and accessories and the auxiliary jack are some of the other features. The rear axle is engaged by the driver from the dashboard by an electronically managed system. The car has the reputation of being in the best seller list of the 10 top most selling vehicles and surely it still has a long way to go.

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