Ford Launches Limited Edition Fiesta Sport+ in Europe

Ford Fiesta S Plus Ford Launches Limited Edition Fiesta Sport+ in Europe

Ford Fiesta S Plus 41 Ford Launches Limited Edition Fiesta Sport+ in Europe

Ford is planning to release new Fiesta sports vehicles in Europe, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. Ford limited edition Fiesta vehicles are eco-friendly and these vehicles are upgraded with 1.6 litre capacity Duratec Ti-VCT engine which is capable of generating 134 horsepower and 160 Newton Meter toque. This engine is multi-functional and more workable, in comparison to general engines. Fiesta model has been upgraded using the ultra-light materials which have made the vehicle flexible, dynamic and less weighty. Ford Fiesta edition has been improved a lot keeping in touch with modern trends in the automobile industry.

According to experts, Fiesta sports car can attain the velocity of 100 km/h within a short span of 8.7 seconds. The utmost speed of the car is 195 km/h or 121 mph. The wheelbases of the car are wrapped with bands of strengthened rubber to accelerate the traction. After comparative studies, experts have admitted that this car has excellent speed which can outperform any other car. The interior portion of the compartment of the car is aesthetically pleasing due to intelligent usage of leather upholsteries. This sports vehicle is equipped with gasoline powered engine with perfectly arranged cylinders under the bonnet the car.

The price range of the car is set at $24,440. Ford Fiesta has three door facility and doors are upgraded with excellent interlocking accessories. The car is also designed with durable dashboard, steering wheels, sun visors and odometer. In addition, car drivers will get specially upgraded Duratec Ti-VCT petrol fed power train which generates 134 hp. This car engine supplies 160 Newton Meter torque at the rate of 4250 rpm. The car is also upgraded with functional tyre pressure gauging tool. The colour matching is excellent as car designers have used attractive colour shades to paint the outer texture of the vehicle. This car emits the least volume of carbon and black fume. The fluorescent head lamps and rear light indicators also contribute towards the good look of the car. The chassis of the cars is well fitted and detachable.

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