Ford Verve Sedan Concept

Ford Verve Sedan Concept 1 Ford Verve Sedan Concept

Ford Verve Sedan Concept Ford Verve Sedan Concept

The American auto enthusiasts are left drooling for the Ford Verve Sedan concept which was unveiled at the Detroit auto Show. This car personifies sophistication. It boats of 2 versions- a 3 door version and a 4 door version. By 2012 the sale of these small scale cars are expected to scale up to 38 %, and Ford is all set to capture the market with its all new Verve.

The cosmetics of the facial of the Ford Verve have been changed with a blue oval Ford upper grille opening and graphics of 3 bars. There are 2 side markers of LED. The head lamps too have been stretched to add to Ford’s new look. The windows are pillar less and so is the upper contour. The LED at the rear too has been changed to give the car an energetic as well as a friendly appeal. The roof is made of glass for the classy appeal. The wheels are adorned with the greatly stylised alloy rim of 18 inch diameter, with 12 spoke design. The door handles boast of chrome bars so does the front fog lamps and the license plate in the rear.

The car too has an array of added features such as, improved navigation system, advanced sound system and also in- car phone control. You can also keep your mobile phone and MP3 in a special case inside the car. A special compartment is made to keep a purse or your bag. The interior of the car has a special climate control system. The centre track boasts of a speedometer and a tachometer. The steering wheel too has a new design with the centre made of soft material in a bright colour to provide the added funk to this power house. This car is a sophisticated blend of unique design and technology.

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