Giuseppe Merosi Design Study

Alfa Romeo Coupe 1024x532 Giuseppe Merosi Design Study

Alfa Romeo Coupe 11 1024x532 Giuseppe Merosi Design Study

The famous Italian automobile engineer’s name (Giuseppe Merosi) has been associated to the new creation for the Alfa Romeo auto-company. The inventor of Alfa Romeo Vittorio Jano Sedan and the Sport Wagon launches their new product the Giuseppe Merosi. Marco Procaccini had previously designed the Vittorio Jano. However customers had missed out on a rear-wheel drive so now that was to be here.

The famous ALFA company which later became famous as Alfa Romeo had one of the designers by the name of Giuseppe Merosi. Marco Procaccini gives the Italian designer a well deserved tribute by designing a car in his name. The designer has announced that the car would measure around 1,320mm in height and 1,810mm in width. The length according to him would be of 4,300mm. The new edition is based on Marco’s previous four seater coupe with prominent Alfa Romeo grille along with curved surfaces and hard edges.

This 3-door Giuseppe Merosi is a coupe which is spacious enough for 4 occupants. LED lamps, the bonnet of the engine which is V shaped and a set of classy wheels gives this Alfa Romeo product a reason to be proud of. After the production of the Experimental Sports-car 300, decades ago the concept of a back wheel drive was forgotten and is back now. Procaccini’s tribute vehicle is here to make a mark for the makers of Alfa Romeo once again. The Italian designer Giuseppe Merosi whose ideas gave the ALFA 24 HP and the 40/60HP and who made the car making company of 1910 famous will get a tribute when Marco’s Alfa Romeo Giuseppe Merosi gets the required appreciation. With the stylish design a back wheel drive and the 3 door, Giuseppe is all set to create a mark.

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