Grand Cherokee Jeep, Diesel version Announced

Grand Cherokee Jeep 13 1024x682 Grand Cherokee Jeep, Diesel version Announced

Grand Cherokee Jeep 14 1024x682 Grand Cherokee Jeep, Diesel version Announced

Produced by the Jeep division of Chrysler automaker, Detroit, US, the Grand Cherokee is a mid-size sport utility vehicle (SUV). The last that it was manufactured for the US was in 2008. Thereafter, its focus has changed. Now also the focus is not America but Europe and other diesel utilizing countries.

It has been announced by Chrysler that its new diesel model, Jeep Grand Cherokee, will be put up at the Motor Show in Geneva, scheduled to be held next month. Its engine is a V6 turbo diesel of 3.0 liter capacity, is compact and has direct injection facility. It is also lightweight due to pistons made of cast-aluminium, designed for minimal friction. The new injectors precisely inject through a1800-bar fuel injector using a new technology called the MultiJet II technology developed by Fiat Powertrain and is capable of making eight injections every cycle.

The diesel engine for the new model will be built by VM Motori, a company which Chrysler has trusted for its previous diesel models also. VM Motori is an Italian company in Cento, Italy, and will work in conjunction with Fiat Powertrain. The engine will run on ultra low sulphur EN 590 diesel.

The new engine acquires a grand 10% extra power and 8% extra torque with better fuel efficiency; the carbon dioxide emissions are lowered by 17% (at 218g/km ) as compared to the previous model. It gives 241 horse power (177kW) and 406 lb-ft (550Nm) torque and gives 28.3mpg of European rating.

The car is great fun to drive as it has a very efficient machine. The fuel economy is improved by 17% at 8.3liter/100km.

Limited and Laredo and Overland versions of Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available now in Europe. In this way, the latter will find a wider and a friendlier market in Europe.

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