Hofele Designs First-Generation Jaguar XK / XKR

Hofele Design Jaguar Xk 4 Hofele Designs First Generation Jaguar XK / XKR

Hofele Design Jaguar Xk 11 Hofele Designs First Generation Jaguar XK / XKR

Hofele Design has chalked out special scheme to bring some modifications to the facelift of first generation Jaguar XK/XKR edition. Hofele Design is a part of Volkswagen Group which has earned international recognition and accolades from experts and common persons. The first generation Jaguar XK/XKR will be modified in new way to accelerate the aesthete of the old car models. Through the usage of sophisticated technology, first generation Jaguar XK/XKR versions will be designed with flexible and well fitted roof top air spoiler plus bumper located at the front side of the car. Newly designed side skirts are also adjusted to the outer hull surface of the vehicle. As per the Hofele Design concept, the car is also upgraded with the rear bumpers including LED tail shaped lamps.

There are other salient features of Jaguar XK/XKR edition. For instance, car designers have utilized leather accessories to cover the interior compartment of the car. Car seats are decorated with colorful leather envelop. The stitching quality is good and designers have also covered the ground floor of the inner compartment of the car using soft carpets. This car model has been developed by installing exhaust system and gear box. ZF automatic transmission tool, Villa RSV wheelbases and axle bars are all high in quality.

The inner part of Jaguar XK/XKR edition is also decorated with 5.0 liter capacitated V8 engine. A set of eight cylinders have been installed in the car perfectly. This engine can generate minimum 85 hp and maximum, 385 horsepower. This XKR version takes 4.6 seconds to cover 0-60 mph. This car is electric powered and therefore it never pollutes air by discharging lethal carbon and poisonous gasoline products. This newly built car looks attractive. The excellent color combination of the car needs to be pointed out. The car designer has used two new color shades like Kyanite Blue and Salsa.

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