Honda Civic Car with i-VTEC SE Engine

Honda Civic Ti 1 1024x682 Honda Civic Car with i VTEC SE Engine

Honda Civic Ti 2 1024x682 Honda Civic Car with i VTEC SE Engine

Honda Civic car has been launched to provide high quality service to the consumers. This new car model has been enlisted in the hierarchy of Honda Civic line up. In Britain, the popularity of Honda Civic vehicles is on the rise. The modified Civic is coming at the right time to cater to the market needs. Civic Ti edition has been upgraded by team of technical experts who have installed 1.4 litre gasoline powered i-VTEC SE engine. Experts claim that the extra tools and car accessories amounting to £3,700 have been incorporated to modify the car model.

Honda Civic vehicle is a sophisticated car which is painted in milky pearl white colour. The car is designed with five doors. Doors can be operated comfortably as there is excellent interlocking system and the handle bars of the doors are ergonomically designed. Exterior surface of the car body is decorated with side skirts, spoilers and bumpers. The wheel base is 17 inch in size. Rear bars are adjusted to the main body of the car. Crystal black coloured kit provides different types of exterior and interior components like air outlet/ roof flap, backside skirts and bars. The facelift of the car appears more elegant and prominent in this touring inspired design.

Inside the compartment of Civic car, there is the availability of touch screen audio-visual display unit and a console. The dashboard is long lasting with smooth texture. There is a pair of embedded drawers for the safekeeping of small car accessories and collectibles. The grip safe steering wheel and clutching accessories are also available in this sophisticated vehicle. Through a reliable source, it has been confirmed that Honda will release 500 new car models of Civic segment in March. The price of the Honda Civic car is pegged at £15,995 at the initial stage.1.8 liter i-VTEC Civic car will cost £16,995.

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