Honda Jazz B-Segment Version with EV Mode

Jazz Hybrid 57 1024x682 Honda Jazz B Segment Version with EV Mode

Jazz Hybrid 53 1024x682 Honda Jazz B Segment Version with EV Mode

Honda has gained international recognition due to excellent performance track record by releasing sophisticated vehicles and sports cars. Honda participated into 2010 Paris Auto exhibition by showcasing its masterpieces. Jazz version has been upgraded by decorating the car perfectly. According to researchers, Honda has proved its potentiality by making new Jazz hybrid vehicles which are excellent and functional. In this connection, one of the spokespersons of Honda has stated that this car is believed to be the first hybrid dual powertrain propelled car in B-category which can be run by petrol and electricity.

Honda has released a number of colourful photos of various models of Honda electric powered hybrid vehicles recently. This car model is equipped with a petrol storing reservoir, power generating motor and a durable battery which are available in the car. There is enough space inside the compartment of Honda electric powered four-wheelers. The special feature of this sophisticated vehicle is that the car seats are foldable and retractable. Cushions of the seats can be kept flat and then one can fold the entire berth inside the car to create lot of space for keeping luggage and collectibles. The roof top spoiler is positioned at the right angle to ensure better movement of air inside the car. It performs just like an air outlet.

The sound of the car is very good as it always runs creating mild sound which is sweet to hear. The presence of CVT tool box inside the car has made the vehicle more competent. The sprinting time of the vehicle is 12.6 seconds within that time-frame; the car can attain a speed of 100 km/h. Maximum speed of Honda Jazz dual petrol/electric hybrid car is 177 km/h. In addition, the automatic transmission of Jazz hybrid car enhances the flawless supply of the electricity to the front and rear wheels in more systematic way. This car will keep the car passengers safe.

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