Honda to Unveil EV Concept Car

EV Concept Car 1024x682 Honda to Unveil EV Concept Car

EV Concept Car 2 1024x644 Honda to Unveil EV Concept Car

Geneva auto show is remarkable and a good number of well known car manufacturers participate in this car exhibition to demonstrate and showcase their showpieces which have been crafted with care. At this globally recognized car show which is all set to commence in the month of March, Honda car manufacturing unit has taken initiatives to present few extraordinary vehicles for public display. In an intimate close-up conversation session, the CEO of the Honda company has divulged a secret about the company’s resolution to launch series of hybrid cars and four wheelers which are very sophisticated and environment-friendly.

The latest EV/hybrid technology has been used to manufacture cars and other luxury vehicles for those who have penchant for latest green car technologies. Car with EV mode save people from air pollution as the electric vehicle is run by electricity. The car has been upgraded by utilizing up to date EV technology which reduces the side effects of air pollution. In a journal, experts recommend Honda EV models for making the world green and pollution free. Honda will launch this hybrid concept car in the market by the end of 2012. Battery powered cars can be operated easily. Battery is also detachable and rechargeable as well. The hatchback door of this car model is lockable and operable comfortably.

In a press note, on behalf of the company, an official spokesperson claims that this EV car can cover more than 100 miles after a single battery charge. Battery can also be installed into a well protected casing/console to protect the power generating unit from rain and dust particles. Battery stand is also much more conducive to the safekeeping of the car battery. This electric vehicle runs very fantastically via highway. There is also the availability of an additional car tool kit which contains different types of tools and guidebook for providing assistance to car users. This car is surely beneficial to those city dwellers who need to travel short distances frequently. To cover short distance, one can use this hybrid vehicle.

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