Juliani Veela Supercar

Juliani Veela Supercar Juliani Veela Supercar

Juliani Veela Supercar 2 Juliani Veela Supercar

Juliani Veela super car is not only ultra- modern in design but also it will be more competent and fuel efficient vehicle. In a press release, an official spokesperson of the company has unearthed few excellent features of this vehicle. Juliani Veela can cope with car models of Ferrari and Pagani. This super car model will be designed with a competent V8 engine and there will be fully upgraded direct fuel injection system inside cars.

Juliani Veela super car model will be 4,55 m long, 192 m wide and 124 m high. This super car will be made more presentable installing ultra-light interior car d├ęcor accessories into vehicle. The steel framework of this new edition lasts for several years. Solid internal chassis of vehicle is easy to maintain and it must be durable as well. According to experts, the V8 engine will be 6.2 litre in capacity and it generates 520 hp. Six speed manual transmission tool is also available inside the car. The indoor space of the car compartment is sufficient by adjusting and resetting 2+2 car seats which are retractable, detachable and repairable too. Cushions of car seats are soft, smooth and properly fixed with attractive leather accessories.

Juliani Veela has 1160 weighted hardware frame along with a number of upgraded chips and car accessories like sun visor, glass reflector casings, dashboard, console, odometer, speedometer inclusive of street navigation accessories. This super car can sprint 100 km/h within a span of 3.4 seconds reaching maximum speed of 310 Km/h. Tire pressure measuring tool can be used to know about its condition. Wheelbases are perfectly fixed to front and rear axles. The automatic transmission device is efficient to supply power from power train to wheelbases. This car will surely gratify car users in future. This car has workable carbon diffuser and exhaust systems to prevent carbon emission to a great extent.

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