Lamborghini Aventador Vehicles-More Competent and Beautiful in Design

Lamborghini Aventador 16 Lamborghini Aventador Vehicles More Competent and Beautiful in Design

Lamborghini Aventador Lamborghini Aventador Vehicles More Competent and Beautiful in Design

Lamborghini Aventador 12 1024x682 Lamborghini Aventador Vehicles More Competent and Beautiful in Design

Soon American nationals will be gifted with the newly built Lamborghini Aventador cars which will be more dazzling and elegant, outperforming other cars of the same class in America. There are many persons who claim that Aventador will succeed the old Murcielago vehicles which were introduced few years back to people. This Italian auto maker has moved the court claiming the legal trademark for selling their futuristic cars under the name of Aventador cars.

In a press release, the company’s representatives have stated very frankly that this new concept car will look like Reventon. However experts have also pointed out that cars will be more glamorous and up to date with excellent features like aerodynamic exterior design, better car seats with marvellously decorated interior portion of the compartment of this concept vehicle.

This supercar will have be upgraded with carbon fibre elements for designing trims and interior portion of the car cabin. In this connection, the company’s CEO, Stephen has stated clearly that the internal frame of the car will be built with lighter carbon fibre type monocoque design, the material is ultra-light and flexible. The concept sedan car will be lighter and more dynamic. Due to the usage of carbon fibre, the overall weight of the car will be down cutting 500 pounds from the total body weight of the car. The comparison study will prove that Aventador will be lighter than Murcielago and this futuristic car will have better chassis and sophisticated street navigation accessories.

In a journal, the CEO of the company has analyzed properly about various functionalities of Aventador car. This new car will have flexible airbags, ESP, tire pressure gauging accessory, iPod compatibility and touch screen display unit plus audio system. Car seats are padded with leather envelops and these car seats are retractable, expandable and foldable as well. This car provides more space comparing to conventional models. This car is built with V12 engine which is 6.5 litre in capacity and it provides 700 hp with 479 pound feet torque.

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