Lancia Launches New Ypsilon Soon in Europe

Lancia Ypsilon 1024x682 Lancia Launches New Ypsilon Soon in Europe

Lancia Ypsilon 3 1024x722 Lancia Launches New Ypsilon Soon in Europe

At 2011 Geneva Car exhibition, Lancia will showcase excellent Ypsilon car editions for public view. There are several Ypsilon car models which have already been premiered at different times. However, this time, Lancia has put much emphasis on the exterior and interior car d├ęcor items. Ypsilon cars are available in 17 different impressive colour shades. Few of them are also double coated in durable tints. According to a team of experts of the Lancia, new car model of Ypsilon edition will be upgraded with perfectly rimmed tyre bands around the wheelbases. Axle bars are adjustable and detachable. Inside the car compartment, there are three trim layers named the gold, platinum and silver class. The special care has been taken to redefine the exterior design of the car.

The standard size of Ypsilon car is 3840 mm long, 1670 mm in breadth plus the height of the car is 1510 mm. The car seats of the new vehicle are well fitted. Attractive leather upholsteries are used to increase the beauty of the inner space of the vehicle. This ultra-modern vehicle has the capacity of taking the load of five passengers at a time. This vehicle is supposed to be one of the best cars in Ypsilon segment. There will be four engine options made available for the car.

The 1.2 litre petrol fed engine can produce 69 horsepower. The 0.9 litre turbo charged engine delivers 85 horse power and is fuelled by petrol. Besides there is also the availability of MultiJet II edition which is of 1.3 litre capacity and it is spoon fed by diesel. This power train provides 95 horsepower. Ypsilon car will also be equipped with dual engines which are powered by diesel and LPG gas. This twin power train is capable to produce 69 horsepower. This excellent car will be seen soon on the European roads.

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