Lancia Ypsilon 2011 model, shoots the promos at Los Angeles

2011 lancia ypsilon 1 1024x866  Lancia Ypsilon 2011 model, shoots the promos at Los Angeles

2011 lancia ypsilon 1024x404  Lancia Ypsilon 2011 model, shoots the promos at Los Angeles

Lancia Automobiles is one of the Italian automobile manufacturing units and it is famous the worldwide for their unique design and technological superiority as compared to other brands of cars. Lancia was founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia and became a part of the Fiat group of companies in 1969. Lancia is known for manufacturing some of the distinct cars and cars which are suitable for rallies. In fact it has a long heritage as far Lancia’s association with rally car is concerned. In recent times, Lancia is seen manufacturing luxurious cars, which have alternative models based on the models of Fiat cars. Apart from the designs and make of the car, one of the trademarks is the use of Greek alphabets, when it comes to naming the cars.

The Lancia Y or Lancia Ypsilon as it came to be known as in the later part is a super mini model which is being manufactured by the Italian automobile manufacturer Lancia from 1996 onwards. In fact it is the replacement of Y 10, which is larger and is much more expensive. The recent version of the Lancia Ypsilon was launched in 2003 after the one which was manufactured in 1996. It is a three door body car and it is the best selling brands as far the models of Lancia is concerned.

The recent launch of photographs of the Lancia Ypsilon Collection 2011 was done in Los Angeles along with the television shoot which was also done in the same place. The reason for being so is Lancia wishes to utilize its contact as well as create a market of its own in US. In fact this special edition of Lancia Ypsilon will also be available in the European markets for sale from 2011 as well. This special model of car has a unique sense of styling along with great features which are based on the old model of Ypsilon itself. You can choose from the bespoke colour options, both for body work as well as the trim. The interiors of this model have also been upgraded with new fabrics, as well as leather surfaces and piping, which has been done in contrast.

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