Latest 2012 TERRITORY of Ford

2012 ford territory 2 Latest 2012 TERRITORY of Ford

2012 ford territory 3 Latest 2012 TERRITORY of Ford

Based on the ancestral model of the Australian made ford Falcon the Ford Territory has been reinvented. The Ford Territory was the first vehicle with an electronic stability control system ever built in Australia.

The Territory has two engine choices. The Ford with the six speeds and four speed automatic gear box has plans to increase the 4.0L to 6.0L.

The Territory holds on to the looks of the Ford Taurus X which is available in North America. With the leadership of Ford’s Asia Pacific and Africa Design Director Chris Svensson the new Territory wears a bold and dashing look. The main grille is the vehicles one of the most recognisable features. In the styling of the front the headlights wear a new look too. The headlight with projector beams, present the car in a completely different look.

Below the car’s new face is the U-shaped lower skid plate. The bold athletic and stylish look comes from the front guards, bonnet and wheel lips. There are other development at the rear and they are the tail lights and the bumper which too sports a new look. The eight inch coloured touch screen is a rare fitting on any Australian Ford. A limited variety of Ford family will boast of the new touch screen concept. The user friendly vehicle also attracts the buyers with the ipod compatibility, cup holders, USB and the deep console bin storage. The new Territory Diesel also will have the 140kw or the 188hp and 440N-m power availability. Several emergency agencies use the Territory for different roles.

Melbourne International Motor Show will have the Territory walk down the aisle before it goes on for sale and is up for grabs. Based on the Kinetic design the Territory will have a dual role to play, as the family weekend and sporty vehicle. It will be the most style dictating vehicle of this generation.

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