Launch of Range Rover Sport Trio by Project Kahn

Range Rover Sport Trio 2 1024x682 Launch of Range Rover Sport Trio by Project Kahn

Project Kahn is known for tuning up Land Rover car models and also for upgrading the existing car models. Initially Project Kahn started its work with Land Rover and was associated with all Land Rovers and later started to associate them with all other major foreign automobile manufacturers like Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes and Audi. It has been involved in major facelift of many cars which are available in a reasonable package.

The recent event of Project Kahn which is worth mentioning is the launch of Range Rover Sport Trio, which have been improved in both designs as well as in other technicalities. The first of the three models is the Sport 3.0 TDV6 RSE Signature, which has diesel engine. The exterior of the car has been done in a very fashionable manner but is cheap enough for the customers to buy this model. Bumpers in front and rear, roof spoiler and many other things have been added to the body kit. The interiors are also luxuriously designed, along with the British tuners which have been added as the new exhaust system in the car.

The next model of the tri series is the Range Rover Sport RSE 300 Cosworth. This car means more power and there are several other changes which have been made. Some of the exciting features of this model of the car are the LED lights and the Pearl Grey alloy wheel which are 22 inches in diameter.

The last model which belongs to this series is the RS600 which is one of the expensive models of the three. In this car, all types of high quality material as well as accessories have been used. The interiors as well as the technicalities have also been changed by the British designers.

The tunings of these cars by Project Kahn is worth mentioning which is a unique one and has won many accolades from all corners of the world. So if you wish to have a look at these cars then drop in at the nearest automobile show room to have a look at the cars.

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