Lexus LFA customization program by CEC

Lexus LFA Images 6 1024x672 Lexus LFA customization program by CEC

Lexus LFA Images 8 1024x672 Lexus LFA customization program by CEC

The LFA, designer Haruhiko Tanahashi’s creation of excellence from Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation created histories since its debut in October 2009. It managed to receive all known auto rewards for itself and proved to be one of the most expensive and elegant sports car of its generation.

The LFA from Lexus already boasts about unique specifications that include 1LR-GUE 72° V10 Engine and a 6-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox which gives a maximum output of 412 kilo Watt delivered at 8,700 rpm. The power plant gives the LFA a power-to-weight ratio of 5.9 lb/hp and enables it to reach a top speed of around 202 mph (325 km/h).The maximum torque developed is four hundred and eighty Newton metres and develops at 6,800 rpm. The ninety percent of the torque is available from 3700 rpm onwards.

Recent news announced the decision of US tuner CEC, to partner with the Lexus in North America towards aesthetic customization of LFA. CEC has pointed that it would particularly focus on the aesthetic makeover of the car without much intervention into the already awarded technical features of the car. Lexus aims at releasing three models of the CEC designer versions of the LFA.

Sherif Yassa, Vice President of CEC stated that he believes that the three LFAs CEC Tuner Edition will be the rarest and the most costly edition of the super car that Lexus will have any where in the world. Though there hasn’t been much declared about the make-over that the LFA is going to go through, CEC did display a LFA featuring their lightweight forged wheels. Sources have also learnt that the CEC proposes to offer a 10 hp output boost and reduction of the shift times by .15s.

Hope there is a lot to answer the eager waits of auto lovers once the new LFAs are announced into the market

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