MARUTI YE-3 to take place of the legendary Maruti 800

marutisuzukicervo thumb MARUTI YE 3 to take place of the legendary Maruti 800

After ruling the Indian auto market for decades, the Maruti 800 is finally getting replaced by Maruti YE-3. It will soon be launched in 2012. India will manufacture this car solely on her soils and later might change the name. It will appear for the first time on the ramp of the Auto Expo 2012. Probably with an engine of 660cc and 54BHP it will undergo a few changes. The designers’ engineers are all working on the various feed backs. This k series engine with 2 cylinders and 4 doors will be worth the price. YE3 will be a hatchback with 4 seaters. Suzuki will not get involved with its production. It will have 5 speed manual transmissions.

The competitors for Maruti YE3 will be Chevrolet spark, Hyundai 800 or even Tata Nano and other small cars which will be launched in 2012. The price will vary from 2.5lakhs to 3lakhs. BS4 emissions norms were responsible for closing down Maruti 800. However this has been a boon in disguise for now the company is coming out with an improved model. The improved Maruti YE3 will not only have a more powerful engine but other features will also be improvised on. The features which will undergo changes after taking public feedback into consideration will surely be an added advantage.

Maruti YE3 which will be built on the lines of Maruti 800 will face a tough competition as people are expecting the launch of many more small vehicles during the Auto Fare in 2012. Although Maruti does not have the intention of bringing the Cervo to India yet the new Maruti YE3 might be based on the principles of Cervo. The Cervo car engine may be used here. It is expected that the design of this new car will be completed during middle of this year and the production will start soon after. The Auto Expo will boast of a Maruti YE3 which will be booming in the market. The cost of the vehicle and the running cost are both being watched by other competitors as well as all the consumers. If its price and the running is brought down further, it will surely top the small car chart list as it will prove to be very economical.

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