Maybach 575 Cruiserio Coupe headed to Geneva

Maybach 575 Cruiserio Coupe 13 Maybach 575 Cruiserio Coupe headed to Geneva

Maybach 575 Cruiserio Coupe 16 Maybach 575 Cruiserio Coupe headed to Geneva

The Saudi Arabian markets seem to be over whelmed this month as the Maybach 575 Cruiserio has hit their showrooms. However, this car is yet to be officially unveiled in the Geneva Motor Show. This master piece was designed by Fedrick Burckhardt. This car has a metallic sheen and the interiors boasts of the cabin which is made up of real buffalo hide. The upholstery is made of real Nappa leather. The 6.0 litre V12 engine delivers a power which gives an Hp of 603 and a superb torque of 738 lb-feet or 1000 Nm. You can actually accelerate the car in just 5 seconds from a 0 to a 100 kms/ hr.

The top speed that you get is 272 km/hr. The average fuel consumption is 16.4 litre/ 100 km and the CO2 emitted is 390 gm/km. This car is a limited edition car and only 100 units are produced. This unique car is priced at $929,685. Thus, Xenatac has produced this power machine only to be driven by a limited amount of people who not only have the money in their pockets but also carries lady luck along.

The German engineers have delivered a car which not only stands for luxury and style but also speed and design. The width is 2180 mm and is lower to 1480mm. the car got the touch of its very contemporary and modern look with the help of Gordon Wagener. The grille and the front end styling have been revamped. This luxuriously designed car is a 2 door automobile which boasts of new features like a heavily angled wide screen and the doors too have been elongated by shifting the B Pillar. The sporting edge is provided by extending the C pillar further backwards. The car boasts of 20 inch alloy wheels and wider backs.

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