Mercedes F800 Version- More Dynamic and Attractive

Mercedes F800 Version 22 1024x682 Mercedes F800 Version  More Dynamic and Attractive

Mercedes F800 Version 57 1024x682 Mercedes F800 Version  More Dynamic and Attractive

Mercedes F800 is the sophisticated car and it hosts excellent features to thrill the auto enthusiasts. Mercedes 2012 model will run on gas, hydrogen and electricity. It is an upgraded hybrid car which is eco-friendly and workable. This car is also equipped with direct fuel injection system. It saves fuel and there is the least risk of carbon emission. F800 hybrid car can be powered by battery which activates power generating motor and engine respectively in more dynamic way.

Hydrogen can also be used to feed the Mercedes F800 model car. This sedan vehicle is upgraded with powerful engine and cylinders. When the car runs on EV mode, it never produces the carbon and black smoke. The car is built with slide doors and sports coupe like roofline. According to Gorden Wagener, the car design specialist, the Mercedes F800 is the upgraded version of F700 edition. It features flexible retractable indoor seats with leather upholsteries. This vehicle is comparatively more spacious, lengthier and wider than other sedan cars. The special feature of this car is that car designers have used solid and flexible wood planks to decorate the seats inside the compartment of the vehicle. However, to protect hardwood seats from the pests and moulds, plastic casings have been used to cover car seats.

Finally, this car will have extra car accessories like LED headlamp fixtures, slide doors on pivots inclusive of glass reflector casings, ergonomic leather covered steering wheel and dashboard. This car has two car engine alternatives and therefore car drivers will have chance to use alternative engine at the time of emergency. The internal frame of the car is well built and car seats can be adjusted as per requirement. The floor of the car is wrapped by carpet. The price of this Mercedes F 8 edition is $43,000. This sophisticated sedan car will be showcased at Geneva Car Show.

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