New 2012 Acura TL portrays a softer look

2012 acura tl 2 1024x682 New 2012 Acura TL portrays a softer look

2012 acura tl 4 1024x682 New 2012 Acura TL portrays a softer look

Boasting of a SH-AWD, which is 6 speed manually equipped, the 2012 Acura is all set to give you a thrilling driving experience but it will also keep a track of the fuel consumption. It comes in 2 versions, a 3.5 litre V6 and a 3.7 litre V6. The tyres too have been revamped to a 19 inch diameter alloy wheels, fit for all seasons. This takes care of all the noises outside while driving, so that you are not disturbed.

Not only has the HDD navigation system been upgraded but for all those music lovers, you can store 60 gigabytes of music. For the passenger’s comfort, the interiors have the perfect cooling system to give you the perfect ride.

The fascia has been changed giving it a fresh and peppy look. The sequential sport shift 6 speed automatic transmissions are the talk of the town, taking the car to the next level. The aerodynamics have been changed with the front bumper being redesigned. The turn signals, the grille and the head lights too have been revamped. The tail lights which have been upgraded and the trunk edges have been thinned down; all adding to the new sophisticated look.

To reduce the heat building up, when the car is in motion, there is a new system of Torque converter to keep the car cool. The Acura has a navigation system and its very own voice recognition system along with a new system wherein you get to know the traffic and weather conditions. The Audio boost boasts of a 110 watt. The car delivers the option of connecting an USB and advanced VGA monitors to its system. The car has all new gizmos that make it a powerful beast with high power and torque, giving you the drive that you had been yearning for.

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