New Jetta GLI Model – More Dynamic in Nature

2012 VW Jetta GLI 2 1024x682 New Jetta GLI Model – More Dynamic in Nature

2012 VW Jetta GLI 5 New Jetta GLI Model – More Dynamic in Nature

Jetta cars were introduced to the American market few years back but experts of VW were not satisfied with some of the old fashioned features of the older version of Jetta. However at long last, Volkswagen has manufactured a newly built Jetta GLI car model which is really sophisticated and more convenient to operate with efficiency. Jetta GLI edition will satisfy car lovers as this car has been manufactured by a team of well experienced technical experts who have done extensive research and experiments for the upgradation of the car.

Jetta GLI car models are made more competent and eco-friendly by installing powerful gasoline fed engine which is equipped with four cylinders in right order. The 2.0 litre capacitive turbo engine can produce 200 hp inclusive of 207 pounds feet torque at the rate of 1700 rpm. The car is also designed with a workable gear box. Auto transmission accessory and European suspension tools are more functional and being made efficient by using the innovative technology. The extra clutching system is conducive to control speed and traction. The wheels of the car are well adjusted to axle bars. The front and backward lighting fixtures increase the aesthetics of the car. Silvery accentuated prominent grills have geared up the beauty of the car. Car nameplates with signature of car manufacturer are also an eye catcher. The sun visors inside the compartment of Jetta GLI model car are suitable to provide safeguards to car passengers from scorching heat and UV rays.

The newly designed bumpers are really eye-catching. The car can be operated with comfort. The indoor décor of the car is a matter of enticement as experts have filled up the inner space of the car by installing very high quality seats and leather upholsteries. Steering wheels are grip safe and ergonomically designed for ensuring comfort and full satisfaction. Wheels have excellent traction. Braking accessories are always up to the mark and functional. One can spend time by watching and listening to music as there is the provision for the installation of music systems inside the car. The console has been installed properly, with the setting of strongly styled dashboard and glass reflector screens.

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