New Lancia Thema: Chrysler Branded Cars Are Eco-Friendly

New Lancia Thema 18 1024x682 New Lancia Thema: Chrysler Branded Cars Are Eco Friendly

New Lancia Thema 22 1024x682 New Lancia Thema: Chrysler Branded Cars Are Eco Friendly

At the 2011 Geneva auto-show in March, new Lancia Thema concept cars will be displayed for the auto enthusiasts. At the photo session, spokespersons of the company have claimed that the marketing strategies for Thema has been masterminded by bringing few effective changes to the car designs. New cars must be more dynamic and attractive with marvellous colour contrasts. Thema cars will be decorated with bright fluorescent lamps, rear lighting fixtures and bumpers.

Two newly built cars of Thema Chrysler 300 brands will come soon to car lovers who love to drive. The attractiveness of these two model cars will be getting higher as experts have planned to use the most sophisticated technology to rebuild the cars in a new way. Thema is the new car model which is basically equipped with 3.0 litre turbocharged V6 engine which has the full capacity to make the vehicle to run fast. Diesel is used to spoon feed the beast. The new car models are entirely in compliance with Euro- 5 fuel consumption and pollution checking acts.

Chrysler 300 branded vehicles will perform their duties remarkably by generating 190 horsepower inclusive of 550 Newton Meter torque. 224 hp is also generated via another version of V6 engine. Italian car maker has decided to release these newly designed vehicles as soon as possible after Geneva auto exhibition. The 5-speed transmission gearbox is also available in this superb roadster vehicle which can run very smoothly without disturbing the peace and silence of the neighbouring area. Interior compartments of these concept cars are also made more glamorous by using Poltrona leather accessories. The thick glossy leather envelop is filled up with high quality foam. The contour line of the cushions are well stitched and properly seamed by using durable yarn/thread. The topmost speed of Thema vehicle is 230 km/hour.

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