Nissan Esflow – Battery Powered RWD Sports Coupe Concept Car

Nissan ESFLOW EV Coupe Nissan Esflow – Battery Powered RWD Sports Coupe Concept Car

Nissan ESFLOW EV Coupe 41 Nissan Esflow – Battery Powered RWD Sports Coupe Concept Car

The well-known Japanese automaker named Nissan has made new marketing strategies by releasing sophisticated battery powered sports car which will be running on electricity. Esflow sports car is more energy-efficient and competent. This battery charged vehicle can run without polluting nature. To keep in touch with modern trends, Nissan has finalized a vast project to manufacture Esflow concept car. This sophisticated car can sprint swiftly and the average sprinting time to achieve 62 mph from static is within 5 seconds. This car is also designed with two sophisticated retractable seats which are covered with fantastically decorated soft cushions with adjustable reclining systems. Seats have been built ergonomically. Therefore car drivers will have no physical discomfiture in driving the car through the rough and tough track/ roads.

As it is battery propelled sports car, there should be no fear about air pollution. It never emits smoke and nor does it have any tendency to create noise by releasing harsh sound. Car runs on the racing tracks smoothly and competently. Esflow is a concept car and it is still under experiment. However, in a press release, a spokesperson of the company has told reporters that this electric car is very competent and user-friendly to people who want to join the various expedition campaigns and car racings. Adjustable batteries are fixed perfectly to axis bars of front and rear wheelbases.

After one shot of battery recharge, the car can cover distance exceeding 149 miles. The durable lithium battery can power the car efficiently to run on the road very smoothly. The aluminium made chassis of the car is long lasting and light in weight. Therefore, the car can be operated comfortably. Two prominent glass reflector casings on both sides of the car are really attractive in design. Nissan Esflow car is eco-friendly with easy operability systems. However, the price range of the car has not yet been finalized till now.

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