Nissan introduces environment friendly Micra DIG-S Turbo

Nissan Micra DIG S 11 1024x682 Nissan introduces environment friendly Micra DIG S Turbo

Nissan Micra DIG S 35 1024x682 Nissan introduces environment friendly Micra DIG S Turbo

Nissan, a company well known for bringing efficient cars into the world market, has once again come up with a model surpassing its previous models and towering over other manufacturers of petrol cars. The engineers of this famous Japanese firm have worked diligently and brought into the world of cars another envious model, the Super Clean Micra DIG-S Turbo. This has fetched a reputation of being the cleanest petrol engine in the world, proving to be the most eco friendly car in the world and therefore very much welcome by all.

For this great achievement, the car is installed with the Miller cycle and fitted with a supercharger having direct injection thus improving on its combustion by 13:1 ratio. The supercharger, in turn, has the option of being coupled to a CVT automatic gearbox or to a manual transmission. There is also a variant of this supercharge engine, a naturally aspirated engine of 1.2liter and 80hp. The engine management of the car is far advanced as compared to its counterparts with lesser number of its moving parts. The latter reduces friction and pumping losses thus reducing undesired heat production. The engine has a start/stop and regeneration facility of its energy.

Its three cylinder unit of 1.2liters is as efficient as the four cylinder unit of 1.5liters. It has a maximum output of 98HP with 142Nm/105lb-ft) of torque.

The car can reach a top speed of 180kmph/112mph at a fuel consumption of a meagre average of 4.1liter/100km/57.4USmpg. The carbon dioxide emission is a competitive 95g/km.

This model, the Super Clean Micra DIG-S Turbo, will be showcased by Nissan on March at the Motor Show in Geneva for better enticement of the Europeans! It will display three trim levels and a body configuration with five doors. It is hot news in the world of cars. The world is impatiently waiting for its launch.

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