Opel 2011 Antara Facelift

2011 Opel Vauxhall Antara 10 1024x682 Opel 2011 Antara Facelift

2011 Opel Vauxhall Antara 26 682x1024 Opel 2011 Antara Facelift

Opel has many cars which are famous for its design as well as performance. This German automobile manufacturer is known for manufacturing luxury as well as sporty cars. The recent buzz among car lovers as well as car enthusiast is regarding the new Opel Antara, the details about which has been released and which will be available in the market shortly.

Opel has very recently released all the details regarding the car, which has been thoroughly revised and is there with an entirely new look and upgraded features. This car looks much more elegant and sporty and can very well compete with the SUV. This model of Antara has bold new front grille, along with chrome bezels, 19 inch optional wheels, rear lights as well as logo with fog lights. The entire look of the car has changed and is classier after the facelift.

This new model also has centre console along with storage solutions which are an extra benefit along with the new and improved exterior and interior. Among the various features of the car, which is worth noticing is the electric parking brake and the hill assist system, which is unique to this car.

After the facelift of Antara, there have been many features which have been upgraded and are significant enough. The Antara has two point two CDTI turbo type diesel engines, which has a capacity of either 120kW/163hp or 135kW/184hp. If you wish to go for a front wheel and four wheel drive, you can go for the former one, along with an automatic efficient six gear transmission, and if you wish to go for the manual and automatic transmission then you can go for the later one, which comes in four wheel drive.

The upgraded engine of 2.4 liter on the other hand, comes with four cylinder along with 125Kw/170HP and is found in all wheel as well as front wheel drive, along with manual or automatic transmission of 6 gears. This model has been designed by Opel keeping in mind about the fuel efficiency as well as about the emissions.

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