Panamera S Hybrid Vehicle- offer high Fuel Efficiency

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 1024x682 Panamera S Hybrid Vehicle  offer high Fuel Efficiency

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 7 1024x682 Panamera S Hybrid Vehicle  offer high Fuel Efficiency

Porsche has the brilliant performance record in the case of releasing new sophisticated cars at affordable prices. This year, at Geneva Motor exhibition, Porsche will keep the excellent Panamera S hybrid vehicle for public display. There are several pros of this new concept hybrid car. Panamera S Hybrid car has been designed to facilitate people who like to save fuel. Panamera S Hybrid vehicle requires 6.8 litre to cover 100 km or 34.6 mpg in America. This vehicle is suitable to highways. The car has the compact car accessories like sun visors, glass reflector casings, odometer, tyre pressure measurement tool, ergonomic grip safe leather covered steering wheel and lockable door handles. This sedan car is a luxurious and sophisticate vehicle.

If someone looks at the wheelbases of the car, he will definitely find that the wheelbases are strong and rimmed with durable bands of rubber tyres. There is excellent arrangement of tyre pressure measurement meter to ensure the perfect balance of the car. The car doesn’t injure car passengers by jerking abnormally. This hybrid car doesn’t emit carbon to contaminate the air. The powertrain always produces 333hp. This sophisticated hybrid car is upgraded with 3.0 litre capacity V6 electric engine with power generating motor. Panamera S Hybrid vehicle runs smoothly on the runway. Its durable rubber bands around the wheelbases perform excellently to increase the traction. The electric motor supplies electricity via a NiMh battery set.

Energy is generated thorough electric motor. The electricity reaches the rear wheelbases via Tiptronic S 8-speed automatic transmission. Panamera S Hybrid car can cover 100 km/h within time-frame of 6.0 seconds. This EV hybrid car runs at the topmost speed of 270 km/h. After a single battery recharge, the car can cover two kilometers depending on the road condition. This electric hybrid car will be launched in the American market soon to satisfy the American hybrid car lovers.

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