Photos of Hyundai New i40 Mid Size Model

2011 Hyundai i40 6 1024x682 Photos of Hyundai New i40 Mid Size Model

2011 Hyundai i40 3 1024x682 Photos of Hyundai New i40 Mid Size Model

Hyundai is the famous South Korean automobile company, which was founded in 1947. On that time, it was a construction company which later became famous for manufacturing cars. In 2009, Hyundai came to be known as the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

Apart from the various types of models which are being manufactured by Hyundai, the recent inclusion is the Hyundai i40 which is the mid size model. The image of i40 is being released worldwide, and the car will be officially launched in 1st March in the Geneva Salon. This new version of the car will replace the Sonata, which belongs to the previous designs of car in the European market. In fact this model of 140 will be competing with the cars of D segment along with the other foreign brands of automobile manufacturer like Volkswagen Passat and Ford Mondeo. In the Geneva Auto Show, you can see the estate version of the car which will be named as i40 CW and the four door sedan model of the car will be available in the year end.

As Hyundai has only released the photographs of the car’s model, we are unable to comment on the interior of the car. But as far it can be made out; the display screen is big, which are surrounded by small air vents and with push buttons, which are required for ventilation and other controls. The authorities claim that the interiors will have superior quality accessories, which will make the users feel comfortable.

Even though the details regarding the engine type is not yet confirmed in the i40 model, it is believed to have a 2.0 liter petrol engine with four cylinders and with a direct injection. It will have an output of nearly 170 hp. Apart from that there are two types of 1.7 liter turbo diesel engine, which will give an output of nearly 115hp and 136hp. You also to need to wait a bit more, if you wish to know about the price and other detailed feature of the car.

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