Porsche Panamera Tuneathon

Porsche Panamera Black 1024x682 Porsche Panamera Tuneathon

Porsche Panamera Black 5 1024x682 Porsche Panamera Tuneathon

Porsche automobile company is one such company which is known for manufacturing some of the most stylish and luxury cars, which are pretty famous among the ardent car lovers. The company is also a major shareholder of Volkswagen, Bugatti, SEAT, Bentley and Skoda.

Porsche Panamera is a famous sports saloon car, which is very popular in aftermarket industry, has been recently in the news. The reason for being in news recently is due to the tie up of Anderson Germany who worked in the latest project of Panamera 4S.

The engine of the Porsche Panamera Tuneathon is the sports exhaust which comes with the software update. The sports exhaust system is fitted with a remotely controlled butterfly type valve. The butterfly controlled valves helps driver to control tone and also helps to increase the four point eight litre V8’s output from four hundred HP to four hundred eighty five HP. Some of the other features of this sports edition car are the suspension which is height adjustable, 22 inches black wheels made up of alloy along with gorgeous red accents.

The car is of satin black colour and the new spectacular body kit along with mirrors, door handles, grille, logos, tailgate, window frames and bar which are also of glossy black in colour. The tail lights as well as the head lamps are also tinted. As far the interiors of the car is concerned, you can use various products as per your choice which includes black seats, carbon trims, accent LED’s on the door sills and a lot more other options.

This car is preferred by all those who wish to be different from the crowd and wants to possess such a vehicle, which reflects both class as well as power. The Porsche Panamera Tuneathon is an addition to the luxury car family of Porsche, which is pretty famous all over the world.

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