Production of Volkswagen Golf MKVII by 2012

Golf R 9 1024x682 Production of Volkswagen Golf MKVII by 2012

Golf R 2 Production of Volkswagen Golf MKVII by 2012

Volkswagen is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Along with other famous automobile manufacturers, Volkswagen is the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Volkswagen is the original brand which belongs to the Volkswagen group and it also includes other brand of car manufactures like Skoda Auto, Audi, Lamborghini and others. In fact Scania, which manufactures heavy vehicles, is also a part of this group.

As Volkswagen means “people’s car”, it manufactures a number of cars, which are user friendly and represents cars for the middle class. Those who prefer to buy Volkswagen, always look for some specialty in each of the cars manufactured by them. Buyers of this brand of car are always eager to know about the recent addition in the car family. Even though it is not yet confirmed, but as per the reports, the recent model of Volkswagen Golf MKVII would be launched latest by the end of 2012. After the launch of Volkswagen MKVI Golf series of the car, the next level of car will be pretty popular among the mass. The eagerly awaited next generation, is the Volkswagen Golf MKVII edition. It is already under serious consideration.

The new Volkswagen Golf MKVII will be presented to the buyers in a complete new package, with a few more features added to the existing Volkswagen Golf MK VI edition. Before this new car of the golf series is being released in the market, it has been stated by the authorities that the model of Volkswagen Golf MKVI will no more be available for the buyers. The reason for such a short span of this model is because; it offers the same features of the Volkswagen Golf V, without any extra feature or specialty.

The new Volkswagen Golf MKVII on the other hand will be designed in such a manner which will be based on MQB. This MQB is a new technique on which the other Volkswagen cars will be designed in future. In fact, Volkswagen also wishes to manufacture 3 million cars based on this MQB. MQB or Modular Querbaukaste is such a kind of a technique, which have transverse engines. This is beneficial for small or family cars. Apart from this, the MKVII will also have a fuel efficient engine and will highlight on the environmental cleanliness. In fact engineers can also include drive trains and you can also use alternative fuel in this Golf series of cars. This new range of Volkswagen Golf MKVII is also one of the cost saving models as compared to the other models, since it is based on the MQB technique. Even though the price of the car is not yet known, the buyers will not be disappointed, as this is promised to be an economical model.

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