Range Rover Windsor Edition with the Latest Features

Range Rover Windsor Edition 1 1024x663 Range Rover Windsor Edition with the Latest Features

Amari Design, the world famous car dealer has unveiled new convertible car tuning kit under the title of Gallardo Invidia version. This car designer has brought many changes to the facelift and internal compartment of the Range Rover Windsor Edition 2011. This convertible car is packed with car accessories like several bumpers at front and rear portions of the car compartment.

At a recent press conference, the representatives of Amari Design have put focus on the technical part of the new car model. This new vehicle has been developed through the installation of enlarged wheelbases which are under the coverage of durable tyre bands. Lockable doors of the car are properly fitted to the car frame. To enhance the steady airflow into the cabin of the car, experts have installed the air spoiler which is positioned on the roof of the vehicle. The exterior surface of the car is trimmed with carbon insulated grills and ventilators for determining the entry of light and air into the car. The carbon diffusing tools are also available in this vehicle. Experts ensure that this car will not spew huge volume of dark smoke as the car has been upgraded with functional carbon emission controlling systems. Carbon insulated hood and side bars have made the car attractive. Car passengers will keep glued to seats inside the compartment comfortably due to the availability of sufficient space in the car.

Windsor Edition is also designed with a 5.0 litre capacity engine which can generate 611 bhp. Range Rover Windsor Edition is equipped with retractable car seats with reclining features. Car passengers will get cool air as it is built with a functional air cooler. The 5.0 litre turbo V8 power train has been installed to generate 510 hp and 461 pounds feet torque. There are also leather upholstery, sun visors, side glass reflectors, solid dashboard and grip safe steering wheel. There is also a console inside the car compartment. The axle bars are properly adjusted to the front and rear wheelbases of the car.

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