Renault Wind Displays Gordini Touch : Geneva Preshow

Renault Gordini Wind 6 1024x682 Renault Wind Displays Gordini Touch : Geneva Preshow

Renault Gordini Wind 1024x682 Renault Wind Displays Gordini Touch : Geneva Preshow

The revamped ‘New Wind’ by Renault is surely creating a hue and cry with its styling done by the maestro Gordinin. It bears the colour of Malta Blue having two blue strips, the roof is glossy black and the door mirrors are the color of Glacier White. It has a badge ‘G’ and the 17 inch diamond alloy wheels add to its X factor.

The Gordini leather upholstery is of black and blue and the door straps are blue and white in color. The blue steering wheels have white stripes and are made of leather too. Gordini’s name is present in the gear lever having a metallic knob as well.

The Geneva Motor Show scheduled in March will see the unveiling of the Gordini Wind and Europe will be the first to get a chance to purchase the car. The Wind made its first online launch on Facebook on 31st of January 2011. Renault calls the wind ‘Coupe Roadster’. With a horse power of 100, it is all set to make eyes turn when it hits the road.

It also boasts of having fog lights, sport seats, power locks, air bags for safety and power windows.

All in all this blue Wind is all set to turn into a whirl wind once it hits the market. This posh car is trendy yet sporty, has a very blue charm. Having the space for 2 people to be seated, this car is a sure shot challenger to the 2 seater breed of cars. This car has a funky look and the option for the coupe being convertible gives it the looks to kill.

Fans of the Wind on Facebook have also shown their support and enthusiasm to see the launch of this car. Lets hope that the car does well and successfully translates the hype in to a commercial success.

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