Rinspeed BamBoo Vehicle – More Competent and Eco-Friendly

Rinspeed BamBoo 10 1024x682 Rinspeed BamBoo Vehicle – More Competent and Eco Friendly

Rinspeed BamBoo 11 1024x682 Rinspeed BamBoo Vehicle – More Competent and Eco Friendly

Rinspeed in collaboration with 4erC and Esoro have developed a concept car model by sketching colourful diagrams. Rinspeed is the car designing centre which is specialized to design the concept car. Right now team of experts is working competently to give a realistic shape to bamboo electric powered vehicle.

There are several remarkably excellent features of this new car model. The roof surface of the car is made of ultra-light canopy and bamboo structure inside the compartment of the car. Car seats of the BamBoo vehicle are light in weight and detachable. Seats are placed into aluminium casings as a part of protection from damage. These light weight car seats can be removed from the car and one can spread on the sea-beach for sitting comfortably. This type of sophisticated vehicle is workable and functional. According to experts, inside the car, one can find very nice looking dashboard with smooth texture. The dashboard can be used to keep touch screen digital display units. Car driver can watch movies and listen to music during car driving.

Rinspeed car designers have increased the aesthete of the car by painting the car in magnificent and vibrant colour combination. Orange coloured BamBoo car looks nice. Inside the cabinet of the car, there is also a 7 inch HTC tablet size flat computer/laptop platform for net browsing and game playing via net. This car provides space to four persons for comfortable sitting inside the car. This car runs at the topmost speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). Well built electric charged motor supplies power up to 72 hp at one shot of battery recharge. The car is also upgraded with durable wheelbases which are 17 inches in width. Tyre bands of the wheels are long lasting and ensure better traction. The aluminium alloy wheelbases of the car are really up to the mark and strong. The car is activated by electricity and therefore it is necessary to recharge the battery to power the front and rear wheels of the car.

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