Rocketman Concept Car with Remarkable Features

MINI RocketMan 24 1024x682 Rocketman Concept Car with Remarkable Features

MINI RocketMan 12 1024x682 Rocketman Concept Car with Remarkable Features

New Mini cars will be showcased at Geneva auto exhibition in March. This new car model of Mini lineup will give huge space and comfort to people who will definitely have a better car trip experience. Rocketman Concept car is equipped with 3+1 car seat with durable chassis and well fitted car accessories.

Rocketman futuristic car will be manufactured in imitation of the conventional model of Mini long way back to 1959. The shape of the car is as follows, 3419 mm in length, 1907 mm in width with 1398 mm in height. This ultra- modern vehicle frame is based on carbon platform which will lessen the weight of the car. This ca is also upgraded with taillights, headlamps and interior eye adjustable lamp accessories. The exterior design of the car is attractive. Four wheelbases are 18 inch in shape along with tire bands which last for several years if proper care is taken. The decorated rooftop and tailgate features have made the car more unique which seems to be just like Union Jack.

Inside the car cabin, there are three seats. Out of them, one foldable and retractable seat is used for short car trip. Other two permanent and well fixed seats are comfortable to sit on. The special feature of the car lies in the installation of audio-visual display unit, 3-D graphic facility along with online chatting option. Music system is kept inside the compartment of the car. Durable hood and bonnet of the car are well built and the long lasting hood is used to cover the engine and other internal tools of the car. Mini Rocketman concept car will provide good mileage and reliable service.

Indoor car design is attractive as there is the proper usage of round area rugs and leather carpets covering the floor of the vehicle. Functional power train can supply maximum torque to power the wheels of the car. The speedometer, odometer, tire pressure measurement accessory, automatic transmission and street navigation accessory will be properly fitted to this new futuristic car model.

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