Rolls Royce Ghost Sedan Car- Majestic in Design

Rolls Royce Ghost Sedan 13  Rolls Royce Ghost Sedan Car  Majestic in Design

Rolls Royce Ghost Sedan 9  Rolls Royce Ghost Sedan Car  Majestic in Design

The popularity of Rolls Royce is established in both the domestic and the international markets. This excellently decorated showpiece has been introduced to people who love to spend their weekends and vacation on a long drive. Rolls Royce Ghost was premiered at globally recognized, Frankfurt Motor Auto show which was held in 2009. The subtitle ‘ghost’ was first coined with Silver Ghost vehicle which was first introduced to the domestic market long way back in 1901. However, this Rolls Royce Ghost car is more functional and competent in comparison to the conventional models. It has been manufactured by a team of experienced automobile engineers who have upgraded the car model through the usage of sophisticated machinery and tools for accelerated speed and greater working efficiency.

Rolls Royce Ghost model looks bright, colorful and sophisticated. This car is good and easy to drive. One of the representatives of the Rolls Royce manufacturing company has given an official statement in a press release in which he has pointed out that this car is cost effective and multi-functional. The price of Rolls Royce Ghost vehicle is pegged at US$255,000. At the 2009 Frankfurt car exhibition, team of well known automobile engineers and experts made an effective assessment about the functionality of this ultra-modern hybrid car which could be run on battery. This competent and flexible sedan car was first designed and engineered by an eminent engineer named Ian Cameron in unison with Helmut Riedel. The car is equipped with a strong and resilient bonnet, chassis and durable wheelbases measuring approximately 129 inches.

This vehicle is weighs around 5445 Ibs. The Rolls Royce Ghost is efficient with a workable 6.6 liter V12 engine which is capable of producing 780 NM (Newton Meter) torque. It produces 563 bhp. Besides, the car is upgraded with ZF automatic transmitting tool. V8 engine allows car to gain speed ranging from 0-60mph within 4.7 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is around 155mph.

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