S Cube ( Suzuki Swift S) gets ready for Geneva debut

Maruthi Swift S Concept 1024x707 S Cube ( Suzuki Swift S) gets ready for Geneva debut

The Japanese car maker is about to launch the Swift S Concept. A premium sport concept car with rear roof spoiler, prominent bumper and a proud look is dazzling to the eyes. The car will wear a very stylish and sporty look. The Swift S concept is based on the Suzuki Swift but only may have a higher powered engine. It may be a rally inspired version of the Swift. The first appearance of the car will take place in the 81st Geneva International Motor Show.

The philosophy of the brand is excitement. So without a high powered engine any type of excitement will not be possible. The engine capacity and the interiors will definitely undergo a few changes. With the increase of power the safety measures will also have to be looked in. The size of wheels and the brake control panel too will undergo a lot of changes. The size of the wheels and colour will specify the looks of the car. If the car has a powerful engine it will also call for powerful brakes. With the Swift passing the Euroncap crash test, the expectations from the Suzuki Swift S increases and it is expected to provide more to its consumers. It will probably offer higher configuration than a Swift and will be priced higher than the Swift.

Engineers from India were invited to Japan to help redesign the latest model. Arches for wheels which are bigger than the previous models smaller mirror pods are probably some of the new concepts of the new car. The specification of the car is yet to be disclosed and the people will witness the unveiling of another modern car in the month of March 2011. Till then there may be speculation about the looks and the fuel efficiency but only once the car is launched, we can decide how it will perform in terms of sales in the year 2011.

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