Saab 9-3 Convertible- Independence Edition Unveiled

Saab 9 3convertible independence edition 1 1024x682 Saab 9 3 Convertible  Independence Edition Unveiled

Saab 9 3convertible independence edition 8 1024x682 Saab 9 3 Convertible  Independence Edition Unveiled

Saab has designed 9-3 Convertible Independence version on the eve of the Independence Day. In a press note, one of the representatives of Saab has stated that there will be limited number of cars of convertible independence models. The car will be sophisticated and highly fuel-efficient. It provides the excellent mileage to people.

A short analytical review about 9.3 convertible independence of Saab line up will help car users to know better about the pros of the cars. This car is equipped with a competent power train which can generate 180 horsepower. The car hood is very solid and durable with long lasting bonnet. The 1.9 liter capacitated turbo diesel fed engine can produce 220hp along with 2.0 liter efficient gasoline powered turbocharged tool with direct fuel injection process. According to experts, this ultra-modern light weighted vehicle can run on gasoline or E85 fuel. These cars are also built up with competent suspension tool box, 6-speed automatic transmission accessory along with durable alloy wheelbases which are wrapped with tire bands. High quality rubber has been used to manufacture tire bands which increase the gripping power. The axle bars are fitted to the wheelbases.

The interior portion of the car is highly decorated along with the proper seating arrangement. The retractable car seats and leather upholsteries have given cool aesthetics to car passengers. The floor of the car is designed with soft and easy to wash car carpet which gives comfort to lower limbs of car passengers. There are other car accessories like orange colored leather cushions, glovebox, carbon fibre made trims, ergonomic steering wheels which are designed with orange colored leather casing, glass reflectors, odometer, tire pressure measuring tool, clutching accessories and transparent window screens inclusive of sun visors. This car is designed with durable internal frame and easy to maintain chassis. The Biopower technology helps car drivers to run the car by injecting both E85 and gasoline fuels.

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