SEAT Alhambra Minivan equipped with 4WD Option

Seat Alhambra 4dw SEAT Alhambra Minivan equipped with 4WD Option

Seat Alhambra 4dw 3 1024x682 SEAT Alhambra Minivan equipped with 4WD Option

SEAT, Spanish by origin but now a subsidiary of the German car company, Volkswagen, has come up with a new addition to Alhambra Minivan, a 7seat multipurpose van (MPV). It is now empowered with VW 4x 4 system which is electronically controlled aiming to improve the fun of safe driving! This model will be up for sale at the beginning of summer this year. It will be in the Reference and Style categories with a five seater facility.

A multi-plate clutch has been added to its all-wheel drive system, a very innovative and thoughtful idea, indeed! At any time, if the front wheels of the car happen to slip, oil pressure is made to build up by the annular piston pump which is electrically driven, immediately allowing the clutch to send a volley of driving force to the rear wheels of the car averting major accidents.

This innovation became a necessity and is complementary to the driving power provided to the car. The Alhambra Minivan is equipped with the most powerful diesel engine till date, the 2.0liter TDI, providing up to 140 horsepower! This car can reach a top speed of 191kmph/118mph from 0 to 100kmph in neat 11.4sec! This is brought about by the oil burner, linked to the six speed manual transmission which pushes the van to a top speed.

To mark its further characteristic beneficial features, the car’s fuel consumption is very low at an average of 6.0liters/100km or 39.2 US mpg. The carbon dioxide emissions are also considerably low at 158gm/km. This is due to the great feature of automatic start and stop system and regenerated brake energy. The car is, therefore, also designed keeping eco-friendliness in mind.

By the end of this year Alhambra Minivan will be obliging its ardent customers with 2+2+2 seating arrangement.

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