Smart Forspeed Concept Car Review

Smart Forspeed concept 19 1024x678 Smart Forspeed Concept Car Review

Smart Forspeed concept 16 1024x678 Smart Forspeed Concept Car Review

Smart Forspeed concept car will be exhibited at Geneva auto show in March. Smart has declared that Forspeed vehicle with EV mode will provide trouble free driving option to a car driver. The concept car is technically updated. The special feature of this electric powered vehicle is roofless frame which has been designed using sophisticated
technology. Experts have emulated the Smart Crossblade vehicle which was launched into the market in 2002. This car model is far better and more fashionable with sophisticated five lockable doors. This car
is eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Smart Forspeed car is basically equipped with 30 KW electric power generating tool along with battery and solar energy absorption units inside the car. The electric generating power train can supply 40 bhp
to the front and rear wheelbases. The topmost speed of this vehicle is 75 mph. There are other salient features of Forspeed electric powered vehicle which never pollutes air by discharging chemical impurities. The outer surface of the car is always durable with the insulation of colour coats for the acceleration of beauty of the car.
The LED headlamps help car drivers to navigate properly during night. Inside the car compartment, there is a powerful solar energy receptor or photovoltaic frame which acts excellently to receive sunrays for proving energy and power. This solar energy receptor lies just below the window screen of the car compartment. There is also the excellent arrangement of lithium-ion battery for powering the engine of the car.

Electric motor is kept in a safe position. The steering wheel, dashboard, retractable car seats, leather upholsteries, sun visors and glass mirror casings have been added to the car. Wheelbases of the car are long lasting and resilient. This electric powered vehicle is supposed to be released into the market between 2013 and 2014. Prices of this concept car have not been settled till now.

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