The 2011 Lancia Flavia Concept Car – More Energy Efficient

2011 lancia flavia concept 1 The 2011 Lancia Flavia Concept Car – More Energy Efficient

2011 Lancia Flavia futuristic car will be exhibited at Geneva Auto Show. Lancia Flavia cars will be of two separate types like sedan and convertible. This saloon car will be built in imitation of Chrysler 200 car model. Lancia Flavia two new versions will be more attractive and elegant due to usage of ultra-modern automobile engineering tools and car accessories.

In a journal, experts of the company have stated that this futuristic vehicle will be loaded with a 4.3 calibre power train with eight cylinders in arrayed order inside the car compartment. The average torque this car generates is around 500 Newton Meter at the rate of 3750 rpm. This car is upgraded with a 6 speed gearbox and auto-transmission accessory. This Italian auto maker will have a tie up with Chrysler to give the concrete shape to the designing of this concept vehicle. Lancia car model will be showcased at the Geneva car show which is supposed to commence in March. Two new car models of Lancia line up will be launched after the auto show at Geneva.

The specialty of Lancia Flavia futuristic car lies in the attractive design of the car. It will be a sophisticated luxurious vehicle which will be decorated with comfortable couch like car seats. High quality leather accessories will be used to design the cushions to enhance the aesthetics of the car. This futuristic vehicle will be activated by diesel and gasoline products. This futuristic vehicle will have carbon diffuser for the minimization of carbon spewing tendency. Secondly, there will be the least risk of generating black fume and harsh vibration. This futuristic car will provide enough space to people for travelling with much comfort. The windscreen, sun visor, durable dashboard, grip safe steering wheel, inset glass reflector casing and a console with music system are the attractive features of the vehicle. This concept car outperforms other cars in terms of durability, reliability and efficiency.

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