The 2012 Kia Picanto

2012 Kia Picanto 3 The 2012 Kia Picanto

2012 Kia Picanto The 2012 Kia Picanto

2012 Kia Picanto 6 1024x652 The 2012 Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto is an urban car which will be unveiled in the Geneva Motor Show scheduled in March 2011. This car is all set to capture the markets.

The spring of 2011 will see this car for sale in the showrooms. Kia’s European design team which hails from Frankfurt, Germany under the guidance of Peter Schreyer who defines this car as a car which personifies the urbane confidence, maturity, and style takes this car to the next level.

So all the cars which buzz around the city is sure going to be given a hard time by the Kia’s new invention.

The car boasts of 1.2 litre Kappa engine also a version of 1.0 litre engine with turbo diesel will be available. This car shows maturity in its design as well as the wheel base. The car features absolutely new 4 power trains in 1.0 and 1.2 litre which actually curb the level of emission of CO2. There are variations like the LPG bi fuel, petrol engine and also flex fuel versions. The 5 door hatch back urban car is surely a competitive vehicle; it also offers a 3 door much more sportier version.

The sculpting of the car shows the company’s dedication as well as innovation. The US showrooms will be the first ones to be adorned by this next generation car. This car is premium looking with its advanced re engineering. The Kia Picanto actually proves that the Korean company has put their heart and soul into this driving machine and when it hits the road it is surely going to be a breath taker giving a gush of fresh air to the automobile market with its new and improved car. This car is fresh in all the aspects when it comes to design and technology as well as styling.

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