The 2012 Kuga from Ford

2012 ford kuga resize The 2012 Kuga from Ford

The Ford Kuga is a compact and stylish SUV targeted to the Gen Y. The automobile is fuel efficient and has a blend of sophistication. This style icon has all the modern amenities and features that the Gen Y yearns for. This compact SUV is a cross over based on the C1 platform.

Ford with its first compact hybrid SUV is a four door car with rear lift which can hold up to 5 passengers in their comfort zone. This car has got its cosmetics changed by having a sleek and stylish face with elongated head lights, the wheels are kept sturdy. With a fuel capacity of 2.5 litres the engine is given a boost with 4 cylinders. The electrical motor also helps in delivering the power. This boosted up energy produces a power of 237 Horse Power and the Torque is 250 Lb Feet.

The performance of the vehicle is enhanced by a self charging mechanism. The motor which is electrically operated makes the car run completely on electric power for several miles. The car has dual clutch feature and the gear too has 6 speed features. These features help in fuel efficiency.

This powerful car has both front and all 4 wheel drive mechanism. All in all the performance of the car is improved with all these added features and improved technology. The mileage offered in a highway is 34 mpg and in the city 30 mpg. Ford’s latest model offer voice control navigation, surround sound, iPod connectivity and is Bluetooth enabled.

Safety too tops the priority list with air bags protecting the sides, knee, and chest. The anti lock brakes and the stability control system makes the ride safe in any terrain you drive. Americans are expecting to see the first glance of this car in the mid of 2011 and it sure to be a hit amongst the car buyers.

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