The All New 2012 308cc Peugeot

2012 peugeot 308 cc The All New 2012 308cc Peugeot

2012 peugeot 308 cc 4 The All New 2012 308cc Peugeot

The next month’s Geneva Motor Show will showcase Peugeot’s 308 range. The 308 series will be available in three models. It includes a hatch back, a CC coupe which is convertible and the SW station wagon. This models actually personifies the contemporary style of the Peugeot brand. Peugeot boasts of being fuel efficient and has a micro hybrid e-HDi variant and emits less than 100 g/km of CO2. The LED front lights having light guide adds to the styling of the car, making it an exquisite machine. The Xenon headlamps masked with Titanium and the hatch back having a GTi finish adds to the appeal and elegance of the car.

So the exterior of the car has gone through immense makeover with its alloy wheels with the new brand logo and the one of a kind styling.

But it’s just not the exteriors which have been revamped, the interiors too has got new styling and features. You can get to choose the colour of the interiors right from the seating, to the dash board. The added advantage of the car is its weight. This style icon is not only designed to perfection but the weight too is light and well managed. It weighs 25 kg lighter than its counterparts. The tires too are sturdy and resistant to rolling and measure 16 inches. The car has the perfect style, a light weight and it is fuel efficient as well.

It is available in two versions, one being for optimal drivability with fully manual gear box and the other one with semi automatic manual gear box. This car is just perfect for any drive and its styling adds to is aura. It has all the contemporary amenities and its fuel efficiency which emits low level of carbon dioxide makes it environment friendly as well.

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